Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Tuesday Nov 5th, 2019


With the winter just around the corner, it’s time to get your house in shape for the cooler months ahead. Although autumn can be one of the busiest seasons for homeowners preparing for winter, it’s also the best time to take advantage of the moderate weather to repair any damages before the first frost sets in. Here are some home maintenance tips that will keep your home running in peak condition all winter long. Outdoor Preparation Check the roof for cracked or... [read more]

Fall-Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Thursday Oct 25th, 2018


As the winter season approaches and the air become crisp, it's time to start thinking about preparing your house for the season. The winter season means spending more time indoors, hence roofs need to shed rain and snow, windows and doors need to reject the cold, and the heating system needs to keep rooms comfortable. If any of these components don't hold up, you might be faced with scrambling around in the wet, cold and dark to fix them. By handling these important yet reasonably... [read more]

Basement Waterproofing Technologies

Tuesday May 29th, 2018


Basement leakage is the most common problem found in houses, and over 90% of all basements will leak and suffer damage at one time or another. Some evidence of moisture penetration can be found in almost every house. A house with water problems does not necessarily mean it was poorly constructed. Water can appear in even the best built home. Moisture problems can be intermittent. In some houses, water penetration will occur after virtually every rainfall. In other houses, it will occur only... [read more]

The Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

Thursday May 24th, 2018


If your current water heater is reaching its end of life or you're looking for a more energy-efficient water heating solution, then it may be time to give an on-demand – or tankless – water heater a serious look.  Traditional water heaters used by most Canadian homeowners store heated water in a hot water storage tank. As hot water is used up from the storage tank, it gets replaced by incoming cold water, lowering the temperature of the stored water. An electric... [read more]


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